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Your experience is our priority and our team will do whatever it can to ensure you have the best time possible!  Find out what our clients think of us below.

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Here's What Our Clients Say About Us...

We strive to create the perfect tour for you and your group and in order to do so we always ask for customer feedback. We use this feedback to improve every aspect of our operations, from the booking process to the activities you do whilst on tour. We are always developing our skills and knowledge to be able to take you on the best tours possible! Take a look at our client’s experiences for yourself.

A PE Teacher's Oasis


Richard Snape, a PE Teacher from Oasis Academy, Oldham has been working with SLT for over 3 years to run Football and Sports Tours for his students.

Richard has been on a number of tours now with SLT including a trip to Holland with 40+ students play football and other sports at the local facilities and to take part in a big football tournament at the end of the stay. They’ve also been on a trip to Barcelona to visit the impressive Nou Camp stadium and visit the local waterpark.

How We Supported:

As an SLT Tours client, you’ll have a dedicated partner in SLT, guiding you and working with you each step of the way, rather than a faceless provider simply providing a ‘service’. Our aim is to create the very experience you pictured when you first thought of organising a tour, with as little stress on your end as possible.

“Straight from the word go, meeting with Dave, you know you’re on to a winner because he’s really down to earth and willing to speak to you, email, WhatsApp you if there’s any issues. He wants to do everything in his power to make sure you and the school /students that go have the best time.” R. Snape

“The tour manager was a big thing for us. Having a dedicated person who we could direct any issues or questions to was so helpful. They were there to deal with everything straight away and not a lot of other companies do that.”

Richard Snape | PE Teacher - Oasis Academy

An Action Packed Itinerary


Veronica Cordero is an English Teacher from Chile and worked with SLT Tours back in (add year) for an extended tour of the UK to support students with their English language and to explore the UK culture. 

The month-long tour included a stay in Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and a week in London, where the students were able to practice their English, explore the sights and attractions, play sports and have their own down-time.

The Importance Of Flexibility:

We know that each and every tour should be perfectly individualised to meet the needs of the group and we also know that things can change along the way. That’s why, here at SLT Tours, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We are so far away from the faceless ‘catalogue’ tour providers you’ll find elsewhere, dictating what will happen, when and where.

“They had everything super organised and what I like most is that, unexpected things happen every day and they were able to just manage it, to make changes regarding certain ideas that we would have. For example, it rained a lot and so we couldn’t do some of the planned activities and they would help a lot and were very welcoming in receiving our ideas. We’d say, “we don’t think this is going to work”, then they would make all these changes so it was great because, even though they had a super tight schedule, they would just accept any other ideas that came from us”. V. Cordero

“SLT had everything super organised! What I liked the most is that when unexpected things happened they were able to just manage it and provide changes based on out trip objectives and requirements."

Veronia Cordero | English Teacher

Experience Is The Best Teacher


Dave Lawal, a PE Teacher of 11 years has been working with SLT Tours since 2013 for all of their school trips. Tours have included coach trips to Holland to explore the sports facilities and culture, a football trip to Barcelona to visit Nou Camp and many more across the UK and Europe. Dave is keen to encourange his students to experience learning in real life; whether to support their education or life-skills and loved SLT Tours balance of work and play in all of its tours. 

Teachers Supporting Teachers:

With over 40 years in the industry and a network of trusted suppliers, our team couldn’t be more equipped to manage whatever it is you’re looking for and build your dream tour into a reality. We understand the importance of getting it right; dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”, considering all obstacles that could be faced and having a plan ready just in case. 

“A lot of the concerns I had to do with safeguarding and things like that, he understood straight away which was a massive help for me and then as soon as I met them, I realised, yes, this will be the company we’ll go with.” D. Lawal

“With all these tours, sometimes the best thing about them is the downtime where the students are just with their friends away from home and gain a sense of responsibility."

Dave Lawal | PE Teacher

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People love what we do

Your experience is our priority and we’re so proud that our previous clients have loved what we’ve achieved for them. Take a look at our client testimonials to see how our team has delivered only the best, stress-free experiences.

Frankie Hession-Harris


SLT are absolutely brilliant! We have used this company for x3 years in which they have put on fantastic tours for us and our players/parents. From UK tours to International tours, SLT have managed to leave our players, parents and staff itching for the next one year after year.
M Dawson


Recently went on a football tour to Spain with my little lad – great experience, he hasn’t stopped speaking about it since we got back!
Tom Allison - west ham foundation
Tom Allison


Our tour manager Jess ensured our players had an absolutely amazing time. Her planning and attention to detail made everyone feel welcome and included.
Brockenhurst College


SLT organised lots of extra activities for our students, so on top of 4 hours of lessons per day the students went Ice Skating, Sledging and an amazing evening trip up the mountain to a lovely café which was a real treat.
Beckfoot School


I like working with SLT Tours because I can come up with all types of criteria and they always manage to fulfil it. It never feels like a hassle and they never make us feel like we’re being awkward, they are just happy to accommodate.
Steve Foster - Lostock academy
Steve Foster


Having a tour manager with us made life so much easier. They even arranged a room for us at the hotel for the kids to relax in.

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