Customer Testimonies

We strive to create the perfect tour for you and your group and in order to do so we always ask for customer feedback. We use this feedback to improve every aspect of our operations, from the booking process to the activities you do whilst on tour. We are always developing our skills and knowledge to be able to take you on the best tours possible!

Dave Lawal and his school have been going on tours with SLT Tours for over 5 years. He tells us about the benefit of using a tour provider as well as the reasons why he continues to use us

Matt Martin is a basketball player for Doncaster Eagles. He first started using SLT tours when a teacher at a school he was coaching at recommended us. He's been on 2 tours with us, both in Northern Europe.

Jess works as a lead mentor on the NCS programme and her group have joined us in France twice. She explains the benefits of having a tour manager go away with you, as well as how her tour manager went the extra mile.

Jamie is a head coach at the Sheffield Wednesday Football Academy. He thinks that sport tours are a great way for the team to bond and challenge themselves by competing against a different nation.

Milko is a staff member at The Mackay School in Chile. He explains why they choose SLT Tours and why we are better than their previous provider.












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