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christmas markets

Sports & Subjects Offered

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MFL - Geography - History - Art - Designs

Christmas market


belgium, france, germany & london

​We could take you and your group to a brilliant European city to experience a new culture. The trip can be subject focused, we could take an MFL group away for example. Or perhaps you're in need of a sports tour? Well we can arrange a mix both to help accommodate for for two groups.

We have multiple packages for you to chose from across countries like Belgium, Germany and France. Our packages incorporate the perfect amount of education and fun. We want you and your students to return home feeling like you've learnt a lot, but we also want to make sure that we organise the perfect getaway to reward you all after a difficult 2021.


Perfect For School & Sports Groups

covid Guarantee

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If your tour can't go ahead due to Government intervention we will try to offer an alternative

100% Money Back

If we can't provide you with a satisfactory alternative, you will be provided with a full refund

Pencil and notepad

If someone in your group tests positive for COVID-19 we will

offerfree name change

Heart & Hands

We will follow all Government travel advice, we want to keep you safe!